Sunday, February 22, 2009

So it has been almost three months since I have last posted. This is not due to a lack of desire. It is due to a lack of something called time. I'm right in the middle of "busy season" at work, which means I get off at 10 or 11 every night of the week and work all day Saturday. That leaves very little time for everything else that needs to get done in my life. It also means I don't see any of my friends anymore.

I've learned to cope with the whole situation and I even wonder what I used to do when I had a bunch of time after I got off work. Hopefully I'll find out soon as I'm counting down the weeks until it will slow down a little bit.

Anyway, there is so much I've wanted to blog about, but here is something to tide you over until I get more time.


So it was a cold January day amidst all the splendor and enormity of New York City, when my friends and I decided to step out of our little New York world and step into a place called Madison Square Garden where they were hosting the Professional Bullriders Rodeo. We had a great time dressing up in the most western gear we had (belt buckle and all). Unfortunately, I don't own any cowboy boots, but maybe next time.

The rodeo was great and we didn't want it to end. It's always fun to see the riders and feel the anxiety of wondering whether they'll get hurt. Even though it is quite a different feeling than the outdoor rodeos I've been to, it reminded me a little bit of my earlier years. I've always said, you can experience anything in New York.

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