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Sunday, June 21, 2009

So I just got back from a fun filled week in Lake Tahoe with my family. It was quite crazy getting there. I left work early Friday afternoon to head out to Newark airport, the train was running really slow because of the rain, but I finally got to the airport. I noticed a huge line at Delta's check-in, but luckily I am medallion, so I got in my own line. As I was waiting, I heard the word delayed and I though, shoot, I hope that's not my flight. When I got up to the counter, I heard the same exact words. Delayed. Because of the rain delay, I would miss my connection in Salt Lake City to Reno. They had already rebooked me on the first flight out on Saturday, but I figured I would rather spend the night in Salt Lake and take the first flight to Reno than pay to take the train back into the city, wake up super early and pay to take the train back out to Newark only to get to Tahoe 3 or 4 hours later.

Anyway, the man behind the counter was kind enough to rebook me back on my original flight and then the first flight out to Reno Sat. morning. Then came the fun part. I was talking to my mom, telling her I wouldn't be showing up that night, when I realized my battery on my blackberry was low. I wasn't planning on the delay, so I had packed my blackberry charger in the luggage I had just checked. So with minimal battery life, I quickly called everyone I knew in the Salt Lake area. I felt it was too far of a drive for my friends in Provo. I figured worse come to worse I could spend the night in the airport (until my mom reminded me it was ten hour layover, not four or five) or I could rent a car and go to my brother's house (who was already in Tahoe). In the end, I finally was able to arrange something ten minutes before I boarded the plane. A big thanks goes out to my friend Liz (from NY, but just happened to be visiting her family for the weekend)! The only consolation is that the airline upgraded me to 1st class which made the long flight a lot nicer.

I finally made it to Tahoe the next morning, only 12 hours later than I had originally planned.

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